Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ready, Set...Shoot! DSLR 101 {March23, 2013}

A very special thank you to our three models that braved the cold today! All of them were rock stars and didn't even seem a bit phased by the freezing temperatures or the snow falling all around them. Meanwhile, we were all bundled up in huge coats, boots and gloves. Oh and did I happen to mention that there were many, many cameras?!? After the kids left, I was brave and took my turn in front of the lenses and let me just say, they pulled it off much better than I did. That was quite intimidating and they did it was such class and style!

These kids helped a fabulous group of women learn all about that DSLR that has been stuck on auto for so long...YES!!! By the end of class absolutely everybody was shooting in manual with ease and taking some beautiful pictures. I can't wait to see what these ladies come up with now that the confusion over lenses, aperture, white balance and exposure is gone. longer a mystery! Go get 'em girls!!!

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